IKEA Unveils Touching Ad That Explores ‘Wonderful World’ Through A Kid’s Eyes

Entertainment By Garry Polmateer |

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IKEA Canada takes a realistic and inclusive view of life in its new ‘The Beautiful Possibilities’ campaign.

The 90-second ad was created by Canadian agency Rethink. In the spot, the words and melody of ‘Wonderful World’ are paired with an array of scenes that show what a diverse, accepting world looks like.

For instance, at one point a teenage girl is shown putting a corsage full of red roses on another girl as the two prepare to go to a school dance together.

Later, a little boy is seen painting his nails with his mom. The spot also shows a woman breastfeeding while chatting with friends, a man helping his elderly father shave, and a refugee family. “We can all have the beautiful kind of world we want. We can all have the beautiful kind of home we want,” a voiceover states at the end of the video.

The new campaign marks a departure from IKEA’s five-year-old ‘Long Live the Home’ campaign, which was about emotional moments at home. It also plants a flag on where the brand stands on a variety of social issues.

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