Mom looks beautiful before makeover, but look at her now

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 We’ve all probably heard of TODAY’s Ambush Makeovers where Kathie Lee and Hoda choose people from their audience to get a full makeover. These people get the works from hair to makeup, clothing, and accessories.

Sometimes these makeovers are so drastic that the subjects are rendered unrecognizable.

That’s what happened when Kathie Lee and Hoda chose a Charleston, SC woman and a mom from Troy, NY to get the full makeover treatment from celebrity hairstylist Louis Licari and stylist Jill Martin.

These two women ended up looking like totally different people by the time Kathie Lee and Hoda’s glam squad were done with them.

The Charlotte woman’s best friend came to the show with a giant sign that read “Ambush Needed.”

“Well, she has been my best friend for 52 years,” the best friend told a TODAY correspondent. “We go way back and we’ve had so much fun and so many good times together and I just want her to radiate with the beauty that she deserves.”

The Charlotte woman said her friend’s words were sweet and asked the correspondent, “Do you think you can perform miracles?” referring to her long peppered hair that was tied into pigtails, makeup-less face, and a wardrobe that consisted of a t-shirt.

Her friend’s reaction to her makeover was priceless.

She looked completely shocked to see her friend with a cropped haircut streaked with highlights and a comfortable and chic black outfit with elegant accessories.

Their next makeover subject was celebrating her 60th birthday with her two daughters and husband. Apparently, visiting TODAY was one of the items on her bucket list.

“Please get rid of her gray hair,” one of her daughter’s begged. “It’s my mom’s 60th birthday. We’re celebrating it with all of us here in New York. We want my mom to get her a fresh start. She’s so cute and little. We just want her to get all polished up for her 60th birthday.”

Even Kathie Lee and Hoda were impressed with this mom’s makeover. They called out “Sexy!” and “Oh my!” when she walked out.

Her daughters were literally screaming and her husband’s jaw just dropped.

“Don, you better be careful she is smoking!” said Hoda.

They gave her a cute bob cute and turned her gray tresses into an ash blond color that went along perfectly with her skin tone.

These two makeovers were really something else. You can watch the transformations below.

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Source: TODAY


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