John Oliver: Federal Flood Program Is Trapping Vulnerable Homeowners

Entertainment By Garry Polmateer |

John Oliver turned to a puppet seagull to help him break down the devastating problems of the U.S. government’s federal flood insurance program.

The “Last Week Tonight” host offered a detailed report about how the National Flood Insurance Program actually hurts the most vulnerable of flood-prone homeowners. 

“Essentially, a government program that was supposed to help people in flooded homes is sometimes trapping them inside them indefinitely,” Oliver said.

He then conversed with a Tostitos-obsessed puppet seagull to drive the point home. 

Check it out in the video above.

It was also the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, one of the most destructive weather events in U.S. history. That storm caused affected 24 states and caused $71.4 billion in damage.

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