Tiny Kitten ‘Needs A Butthole,’ And A Cat Rescue Group Is Trying To Help

Entertainment By Garry Polmateer |

In many ways, Cluck is like any other 10-day-old kitten: She’s sweet, adorable and is learning to crawl around.

But the one way she is different has life-threatening effects: She was born without a butthole.

Cluck, who was rescued from the Los Angeles streets with her mother and other members of her litter, suffers from a condition called an imperforate anus.

That means her urine and feces come out of the same hole, according to Shawn Simons of the Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats, a street cat rescue clinic.

Cluck’s condition was discovered four days ago, and she needs an operation very soon or she will die, Simons said.

“Right now, she’s nursing off her mom, so her poop is very liquidy,” Simons told HuffPost. “When she gets on harder food, it will be impossible for poop to pass through.”

Simons is hoping to improve Cluck’s prognosis by raising money for an operation via a Crowdrise campaign called “Kitty Needs A Butthole.”

Simons hopes to raise $4,000 in the next week so that Cluck can get the anus she needs to survive.

“We would first need to get an MRI to see how extensive the problem is, and to see where her intestines connect,” she said. 

The surgery is risky, but Simons feels Cluck is a good candidate.

“She’s gaining weight and seems healthy other than not having the butthole,” she said.

As of Friday afternoon, the kitty keister campaign had raised $465, which bodes well for the success. Simons said anything raised beyond the $4,000 will be used to help the other cats in her facility, “even those that have buttholes.”

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