Watch Melissa McCarthy And Jennifer Aniston Brilliantly Troll Science Deniers

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Climate Deniers

i. Climate change is exacerbating extreme weather events

Tell your relatives about Alabama&rsquo;s &ldquo;<a href=””>worst drought in memory</a>&rdquo; that&rsquo;s devastated agriculture and dried up rivers this year. Or how climate change made Louisiana&rsquo;s deadly floods in 2015 <a href=”” target=”_blank”>at least 40 percent more likely</a>. Destructive <a href=”″>hurricanes and storms</a>&nbsp;are projected to increase as temperatures rise, and wildfires are going to be bigger and badder than ever. Since the 1980s, climate change has at least <a href=”″>doubled the area affected by forest fires</a> in the Western U.S. <br><br>According to the Environmental Protection Agency, climate change is <a href=”” target=”_blank”>increasing the frequency and severity of extreme weather events</a>. And no corner of the country is safe from these disasters. All <a href=”” target=”_blank”>50 states</a>, for instance, have experienced some sort of flood in the past five years.

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