‘Sad Tom Brady’ Was The Only Tom Brady Who Won Super Bowl LII

Entertainment By Garry Polmateer |

Tom Brady looked completely deflated after the New England Patriots lost the Super Bowl to the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday.

Brady, the Patriots’ longtime quarterback, has won five previous Super Bowls with the team.

And although Brady’s wife, supermodel Gisele Bündchen, kept things classy by congratulating Eagles players after the game, many of the team’s fans were ecstatic that the Patriots — and Brady — had lost.

In fact, some people began posting pictures and GIFs of a sad Brady from the past and present to Twitter because the very sight of it made them happy.

Many people found the meme very satisfying. 

Some folks got straight up petty about it.

They just wanted to see sad Tom Brady forever and ever.

And although, yes, this is all very sad. Don’t be too sad for Brady. He’s going to be just fine, guys.

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